What We Do


With the team of Diplomatic Vibes, powering the efforts, there have been many satisfied clients over time. This is the short list of what we have done for them:

  • Publishing: Diplomatic Vibes has brought out international quality magazines, in-house journals, Coffee table books and year books for several embassies and diplomatic missions across the world.
  • PR: When Germany-based company Secty Electronics needed to break ground in India, they came to Diplomatic Vibes. From organizing press conferences to getting them media coverage, we made sure the company should be seen everywhere; be it leading national dailies like The Times of India, Indian Express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, UNI, PTI, ANI, and TV and online channels.
  • Digital Marketing: We have provided digital marketing to Spiritual Rejuvination, Celebrity Jewellery designer Monica Kapoor.
  • Events: We have organized events for big companies and government bodies such as Jindal Steel, Artd’nox, Korean Cultural Centre, and DLF, to name a few..

….And we will do the same and more for you.